Can I drink tap water?

The suitability of tap water for drinking has been of interest for quite a long time, and a lot of legends have swirled around this issue. Not so long ago, experts said that tap water is suitable for drinking without additional treatment, but this does not mean that it is really safe and healthy to drink even in moderate quantities without additional treatment.

The annual water quality tests only show the condition of the water at the outlet of the water treatment plant, which in its turn treats it really well. Another question is what gets into the water as it travels several kilometers to your tap. Can you be sure that all the pipes it has to go through are in good condition?


Water gets contaminated on the way to your tap

If you take the water at the outlet of the treatment plant and already at home from the tap, you will find that a lot of unnecessary substances from iron and other metals, to microbiological guests that got into the water, maybe literally in the basement of your own house, have settled into it. And that’s why it is necessary to drink tap water without additional treatment with great caution and only if absolutely necessary. All the experts and doctors advise to boil water or use water filters.

What causes limescale in the kettle?

By the way, do you know where the scale in the kettle comes from? It is precisely the so-called hard water. All substances, salts, metals, during boiling are deposited on heating elements, therefore, the problem of scale formation is directly related to water quality. The worse the water is, the faster will be scale formation, the cleaner the water is, the more boiling the kettle will stay clean. Naturally, the kettle will still need to be descaled over time, because even drinking mineral water leaves a small sediment, which will become noticeable over time.

Drinkable water is not always beneficial

If you use water filtration systems with cassette filters and after boiling the water, it will be safe from all points of view, it will remain a minimum of substances and microbiological hazards. In fact, you will get an empty, as experts call it “dead” water, which is closest to the classical formula H2O. It does not harm the body, but it does not do any good either. It is suitable for cooking food and drinks, for quenching thirst, for washing wounds on the skin, but it can not saturate the body with so necessary for it trace elements such as calcium and magnesium.

If you want to drink clean and healthy water at the same time, the tap water will not do, because it’s more of a technical water for household needs. The body deserves more than just empty H2O, such as natural water, extracted from a well from great depths, which is saturated with useful minerals, and is completely safe to drink, even for children. To avoid having to drink water from the tap we have a free delivery on the day of the order, and if you decide to order water from us for the first time, you will get a pleasant surprise in the promotions section.