Can pregnant women drink sparkling mineral water and mineral water?

How much water should pregnant women drink in the second trimester?

Between the thirteenth and twenty-eighth weeks of pregnancy the woman fetus is actively developing, and in the girl’s body itself there are changes – the metabolism improves. A lot of fluids are needed, because the amniotic fluid conversion is performed at intervals of three hours.

But it is important to realize that after the twentieth week, in connection with the above phenomena, there may be difficulties with the functioning of the kidneys, the water in the body stagnates, respectively, often in girls in the second trimester there are edema.

Swelling is not good. As a matter of fact, at this stage they may appear because of a complication of pregnancy, called gestosis. There are many concepts of the resurgence of gestosis, all of them explain only part of the symptoms. The issue of the occurrence of gestosis is still unresolved, but mostly it is due to a disorder of the kidneys. This disorder leads to bad consequences for both the mother and the unborn child. If this complication is detected, it is necessary to keep a diary of water consumption and monitor the amount of excretion in the form of urine.

It is important to keep a diary not only for women with the disease, it is important for all pregnant women – in order to monitor your body and the health of the baby.

How much water should pregnant women drink?

In the second trimester, doctors do not advise to drink a lot of fluids. Often girls have difficulties with swelling in case of too much water in the body, and then the volume should be reduced. But all this is individual and in making any decisions should consult with your doctor.

However, the lack of water is also not the norm.

Since the development of the fetus, the uterus of the female representative changes, thereby changing the position of the organs that excrete urine. Accordingly, if insufficient amounts of fluid are consumed, infections can easily enter a woman’s body and urine excretion can be impaired.

It is undesirable to reduce fluid intake when pregnant women have diseases such as diabetes or varicose veins.

How much water should pregnant women drink in the third trimester

It is important for pregnant women to drink fluid in the third trimester, but its volume should be slightly reduced. As for how much water pregnant women should drink from 28 weeks to 40 weeks – this figure varies from one to one and a half liters of water per day.

The closer to the birth, the thicker the blood of the woman becomes and its clotting occurs. This is how the body prepares the woman for labor, so that during this process, the pregnant woman does not lose a lot of blood.

In the third trimester a girl has mild swelling of the skin accompanied by pallor, decreased elasticity, a feeling of doughiness when palpating or swollen legs. These abnormalities can originate from an excessive amount of fluid in the body. The closer to labor, the more the body collects and stores fluid, so that after giving birth, the girl could recover well and had some reserve for this.

In the last trimesters of pregnancy, the amount of neuropeptide and peptide hormone of the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus increases in the blood, which is responsible for maintaining the right amount of moisture in the uterus. Accordingly, edema exists not only if there is a lack of water, but also if there is an overabundance of water.

In order to avoid problems with the diuretic system and kidneys, you should see a doctor and keep a diary, which will help your doctor to keep track of your pathology. In a diary, you should record the amount of fluid you drink per day and how much was excreted from your body. This observation will help you to stabilize the functioning of your body and fetus.

The diary also helps the woman to be more responsible and to keep track of what she consumes and in what quantities.

  • It is important to drink enough fluids and to make sure that there is not an over- or under-supply of fluids. Your future health and the health of your baby depend on how seriously you take this issue.

Sometimes a lack or excess of fluid is determined by another method, but the probability of its accuracy is not great, because it is based on the subjective opinion of the woman. She states that if, if the girl’s urine is dark – it is worth increasing fluid intake, if it is light, then you drink too much water. The norm is considered a straw color of urine.

How to drink water correctly during pregnancy

A girl carrying a fetus must necessarily be registered with a doctor and adhere to his instructions, because every body is different.

However, there are general tips for pregnant women on how to properly drink water:

  • Calculate your daily water allowance. Make an approximate schedule of your water consumption throughout the day. Once you’ve made it, print it out and hang it in a meaningful place. And every time you drink a glass of water or a certain amount of water, cross out the boxes on your chart, noting how much you drank and at what time of day. This way you will keep track of the right amount of water you drink throughout the day.
  • Drink water in fixed portions, with an hour or two between each drink.
  • It is better to drink water in small sips.
  • It is a good idea to have a bottle of water with you.

How much water should a pregnant woman drink per day?

A girl carrying a fetus should consume one and a half to two liters of water a day in her daily diet. It is important to follow all the above-mentioned rules of fluid intake. This will help to monitor the temporary fluid intake and not to oversaturate it. Drinking water in small sips helps the body know that it is getting fluids and that the body is filling up.

Other Drinks Available for Pregnant Women

A pregnant girl should not consume the following drinks:

  • Water without flavorings and additives
  • Tap water is forbidden, because its composition and origin are known to all
  • It is important to reject drinks that contain carbon dioxide, which negatively affects the vitality of the woman and her unborn child.

Pregnant woman should drink quality purified water, and it is also possible to drink such drinks:

  • Sugar-free compote
  • Fresh
  • Decoctions of rose hips and other herbs
  • Mors
  • Juices (but not much).

A pregnant woman is responsible not only for her health but also for that of her unborn child, so she should be careful about the food and drinks she consumes. Liquids that should not be consumed during pregnancy include the following:

  • Green and black tea
  • Drinks that contain caffeine

These drinks have a high caffeine content that disrupts the functioning of the nervous system, which can lead to premature birth or miscarriage.

  • Alcohol
  • Carbonated drinks or drinks that contain preservatives, colorings and other harmful substances
  • Canned drinks

Water with a balanced mineral composition is a necessary component in the life of any person, and especially a girl who is carrying a new body. It is important to monitor the consumption of water, keep a diary as pure fluid promotes the good functioning of the whole body, individual organs and systems, provides energy to you and your future baby.