Ionized Water

Ionized water has a number of beneficial properties for humans. One of them is ORP (Redox Potential). It has its own charge, positive or negative, just like any liquid or solution on our planet. The ORP of water is a measure of its oxidizing (acidic) or reducing (alkaline) qualities.

What you need to know

If the ORP value is positive, then the water is oxidizing.Water with pronounced acidic properties is called “dead” water. And the higher the reading, the more it oxidizes the body. Its ORP can reach +800 +1000 mV. “Dead water is the strongest oxidizing agent and this explains its disinfectant and bactericidal properties. “Dead water” is used to treat and prevent colds, sore throat, flu. “Dead” water has a wide range of effects on the body: it reduces blood pressure, improves sleep, calms the nervous system. “Dead” water dissolves tooth stones, stops bleeding gums, helps in the treatment of periodontal disease. Reduces pain in the joints, helps with intestinal disorders.

The ORP value is negative, then the properties of water are restorative. The lower the reading, the more antioxidants it contains. Such water is called “living” water. “Living” water (alkaline) is an excellent stimulant, tonic, a source of energy. It gives vivacity, stimulates cell regeneration, improves metabolism, and normalizes blood pressure. “Live” water quickly heals wounds, burns, ulcers (including stomach and duodenal ulcers), bedsores. “Live” water is used to treat and prevent osteochondrosis, atherosclerosis, prostate adenoma, polyarthritis.

This information means that when you drink ordinary drinking water (bottled, tap water, artesian water, spring water…), such drinking water takes up free electrons from the biological environment of the body, i.e. it is an oxidant. It leads to premature aging, chronic diseases, chronic fatigue.

On the contrary, negative ORP of drinking water gives energy charge to cells, organs and systems. Electrical energy of the cell membranes is not spent on correcting the activity of the electrons in the water, and the water is immediately assimilated, as it has biological compatibility by this parameter. Drinking water with negative ORP is an ideal antioxidant.

ORP is the energy that enters the body with water and is ready to be used by the body as a reducing agent, while everything we consume (food, water, drinks, alcohol, the air we breathe) are oxidizing agents. Oxidative and reductive reactions occur simultaneously, resulting in the energy with which we exist. People who drink alkaline ionized water in sufficient quantities feel a burst of energy, are less tired, and athletes achieve better results.

It is believed that the body has enough resources to cope with disease on its own, ionized water only helps it to do so. Kangen water does not cure a specific disease, it cures the body as a whole. Ionized water acts as an ion donor and neutralizes free radicals that contribute to the emergence and development of cancer.

Four out of five doctors worldwide recommend drinking ionized water.

Real examples of different water measurements

Redox potential of tap water.

It is in the range +200….+300 mV.

Redox potential of classic acidic (pH 2.5)

Kangen water. Is within +1000…+1150 mV. Disinfectant water.

The redox potential of a Sprite drink.

It is within the range +350…+500 mV. The most powerful oxidizing agent in the body. To neutralize the acidity of 1 cup of Sprite, you need to drink 36 cups of Kangen water with pH of 9,5!

The redox potential of ionized (pH 9.5) Kangen water is between -300….-850 mV, depending on the quality of the original water and flow rate. Living water that prolongs life!

Systematic consumption of ionized drinking water with a negative ORP improves the entire body and prolongs life. This is a scientifically and historically proven fact. Such water is the strongest antioxidant. Mineral, plant, animal antioxidants have many times less antioxidant effect than Kangen treated water. Consuming drinking water treated with Kangen apparatus, we do not bring the body a single non-natural substance, but we saturate it with pure energy.