What is alkaline water? What are its health benefits and properties?

The pH balance in the human body is not uniform. In some organs the environment is acidic, in others the alkalinity is elevated. To make the body function normally, it is recommended to drink fluids with high alkalinity. What are the characteristics and effects of alkaline water on the body.

Basic Features

To understand what kind of water is alkaline, it is necessary to find out what the pH level means. This is an important parameter that determines the degree of alkalinity and acidity of any environment.

What is alkaline water? If the indicator is 0, the environment will be absolutely acidic, with a value of 14 – absolutely alkaline. By studying the data of experts, we can find out that there are cases where the acidity falls below the minimum level, and the level of alkalinity in some cases exceeds 14. If the level is at 7, the environment is considered to be neutral, or has perfect acidity.

The pH level of alkaline water is greater than 7. Bottled or tap water has a lower level. Manufacturers who produce such products, which contain calcium and many other elements, claim that the alkalinity level is at 8-9.

For Metabolism

Why is alkaline water considered beneficial for weight loss? Those who want to beat the problem of obesity or just lose a few pounds need to consume it more often. It helps speed up metabolic processes, participates in the assimilation and metabolism of incoming fats, as well as proteins. Thanks to its influence, carbohydrates will not be deposited on the stomach, but become a source of energy. Also, water is also important for the removal of toxins and accumulated toxins.

The excretory system

The condition of the kidneys and other organs of the excretory system is improved. But in order to benefit, such drinks should be consumed correctly. Before a course of treatment, you should consult a doctor, who will determine the duration of the course and the dosage. Thanks to its alkaline balance, water has a diuretic effect, anti-inflammatory, eliminates pain, improves the performance of the organs of the excretory system in both sexes. It helps to remove small stones and sand from the bladder and kidneys, it is indispensable for cystitis.


When drinking liquids with an increased level of alkalinity, liver function becomes normal, toxins go away. Filtering functions are improved, micro damage to the organ is eliminated. A course of treatment is recommended for the accumulation of neoplasms in the organ, Botkin’s disease, as well as jaundice and suspected cirrhosis.

In diabetes

This disease is characterized by the fact that the incoming glucose in the blood is poorly absorbed, after which its concentration increases. Thanks to the liquid with high alkalinity excess sugar is removed, the work of the receptors that carry glucose to the cells of the organs is improved. Alkaline water properties are such that its use improves the general condition and susceptibility to the hormone insulin.

For pH

When the balance is disturbed, it is called uncompensated acidosis. When this occurs, the acidity increases, which leads to a deterioration of the immune system. To eliminate this condition, the body makes attempts to restore balance. Because of this, the bones, teeth, and muscles of the person suffer, and the condition of the hair and nails deteriorates. Consuming mineral water with high alkalinity, you can gradually restore the normal level of acidity, thus preventing the development of many diseases of the musculoskeletal and other systems.

Nervous system

When drinking a liquid with high alkalinity, the activity of the nervous system gradually improves, the general emotional state of the person comes back to normal. But such a remedy is taken depending on the type of disorder. It can also bring harm. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the established diagnosis. Such treatment helps to recover from stress. The course is recommended for nightmares, insomnia, depression, chronic fatigue. The quality of the drinks consumed has a significant impact on the work of the CNS.

For the blood vessels and heart

Doctors recommend consuming this composition for people with various heart diseases in order to prevent coronary artery disease, hypertension, heart attack and other various serious disorders. Vessels are cleaned from cholesterol deposited on the walls, they become stronger. Prevention of thrombophlebitis, atherosclerosis, pathological dilation of the veins is provided.

For bones

When the level of acidity increases, the body takes the missing substances from the bones. This leads to looseness of the bone tissue, the probability of fracture increases, various diseases develop (rheumatism, osteoporosis, gout and others). Regular use restores the normal level of acidity. This prevents the development of problems with nails, teeth and bone tissue.

Cancer prevention

Studies have established the usefulness of a composition with increased alkalinity for the prevention of the appearance of malignant formations. It has been confirmed that it does much more good than harm. Thanks to a decrease in the level of acidity in the area of the tumor, capillary formation stops. This leads to the resorption of neoplasms. It is very important to consume it for people living in the southern regions of the country.


It is difficult to overestimate the immunity benefits of beverages with high alkalinity. When the degree of acidity increases, the body’s ability to defend itself decreases. As a result, it takes necessary substances from the organs, which weakens the defense against infections. Mineral constituents protect against bacteria, relieve inflammation, and contribute to a more effective effect of the medications taken. During flu epidemics, during the off-season, and when traveling, alkaline water is recommended.

For the digestive system

When it reaches the organs of the digestive system, it normalizes their work. Alkaline water contains substances that normalize acidity in the stomach, remove damage to the mucous membranes and restore microflora in the intestines. Consumption is recommended for inflammation of the pancreas, gastritis and colitis.

Possible harms

As with any remedy, there are contraindications to use. Consider the benefits and harms of alkaline water.

  • If you have diabetes, you should always consult a doctor before using it. Depending on the state of health, the remedy can not only bring benefits, but also harm. In this disease, it can sometimes be contraindicated.
  • Those who suffer from bilateral pyelonephritis in chronic form, renal failure, as well as urolithiasis, it is important to use the remedy in limited quantities. Otherwise, you can damage your health.
  • If the pH balance in the body is normal, it is not recommended to drink mineral water frequently. Once a month will be enough, as in the case of low acidity. More frequent use may cause side effects in the form of nausea and vomiting, tremors of the extremities, confusion and dizziness.
  • Alkaline water can bring harm to human health if you use it constantly. It is necessary that in the diet was present and the usual purified liquid. Excessive alkalization of the organs will bring as much harm as a deficiency of salts. A sense of proportion should not be forgotten.