What is the difference between drinking water and mineral water?

Many people do not even think about the difference between drinking water and mineral water and buy any water they like on the label in the store without even reading the composition. Yes, yes, water also has a composition, because pure distilled water only comes after several stages of filtration in the laboratory. Water has the ability to dissolve almost any substance that comes into contact with it and distribute it throughout its volume.

If we study the composition of mineral water, we can see here different anions, cations, acids, sometimes the list of micro and macro elements in the water is more than on the package of sausages or cakes. Mineral water is a unique storehouse of rare, but very necessary for human body substances, which it absorbs in the bowels of the earth and only in certain places.

Not every drinking water is mineral water

In fact to compare mineral water to drinking water is like comparing salty water to green because these characteristics are on different planes. As a rule, not every drinking water is mineral water, and not every mineral water in nature can be consumed as drinking water.

The definition of drinking water is water that is suitable for human consumption, i.e. everything from tap water passed through a filter or boiled to water from artesian wells. That is, the water is suitable for consumption and will not harm the body.

But mineral water can be such that you can not drink it because it has a high content of salts and other elements. An excellent example of mineral water, in which the baths at mineral water resorts, as a rule, it is forbidden to drink, or a strictly limited amount of such water consumed per day.

Naturally, mineral water unsuitable for drinking is not sorted into bottles and not sold in stores, and for those who want to take water procedures with mineral water specially sold for bath salts, although in this case you will get not natural mineral water at all.

The right choice is drinking mineral water.

If you want to drink more than just drinkable water that you can get at home with a filter and a kettle, be sure to look for that on the package it says that it is a drinkable mineral water. As a rule, it also indicates the field of water, the number of the well and the detailed composition of the minerals it contains. Only such water is not only safe for your body, but really useful.

In our water catalog you can choose and order mineral water with home or office delivery to be sure in the quality and be sure to drink water with beneficial micro- and macroelements, the effect of which is not limited to just quenching your thirst.