How much water should I drink per day?

It would seem that there are as many people as there are opinions, because everyone vied with one another to say that it is necessary to drink some mandatory volumes every day, but these volumes are always different, the figure of 5 liters sounds, then 2 liters, and not everyone can answer whether it takes into account the water that goes into our body with food or without it. Do we count tea, fruit juice and coffee as water? Even regular bread is 40-50% water (of course we mean fresh bread), not to mention fresh fruits and vegetables, so where does the moisture go? So how much water should we really drink each day?

Claims that a person needs to drink 5 liters of water a day are wrong, just like any other specific figure, because no two people are alike and no two people lead an absolutely identical lifestyle. This figure, let’s say 5 liters, does not take into account a person’s eating habits, their weight and age, their daily routine, activity and physical activity, or even the climate zone in which they live. It cannot be that a school-age child living in Canada should drink as much water as a 25-year-old athlete from Nevada who exercises regularly every day. There is no universal figure, but it is easy to calculate the amount of water needed per day for the body.

What does the daily volume of water necessary for the body depend on?

A person, depending on his age and build, consists of 70-80% of water and constantly loses this water through natural processes of urinary excretion, evaporation through the skin and mucous membranes. This loss needs to be constantly replenished because water is the basis of the organism, even human bones consist of 40% water and the brain of more than 85%. The least amount of water is contained in the fatty tissue, and people suffering from obesity problems are recommended to drink more water, and necessarily warm, but we will talk about the temperature of water, the optimal one for drinking, in a separate article. As soon as the weather changes, summer comes, the air temperature rises and the humidity decreases, the amount of moisture lost by the body increases significantly. Regular exercise, especially prolonged exercise, can double or even more the amount of water the body loses.

If you are engaged in sports on a regular basis, the water intake should be approached very individually. For athletes, increased water intake is a necessity. When actively engaged in sports, water consumption during training is literally the salvation for the circulatory and nervous system from irreversible damages that may occur due to dehydration of the organism and separate organs. Water should be consumed throughout the workout in small portions. Just one sip between several exercises will compensate for the amount of moisture lost from the body and improve oxygen metabolism in the blood.

How do you calculate the amount of water you need to drink each day?

The formula is quite simple and for the inhabitants of our region, the daily required amount of water is 30-40 ml per 1 kg of weight. That is 3-4 liters per 100 kg for simplicity. Note that this is the right amount of water, which enters the body both in pure form and with food and other drinks. Do not take this figure as a constant, the body itself will tell you when it needs water and the feeling of thirst appears. Drink water exactly as much as you want, but in no case limit yourself and do not drink through force. Remember that everything is good in moderation. For pure healthy natural drinking water you always have at hand in our catalog you can choose and order it with free delivery to your home or office.

How well do tea and coffee compensate for the lack of water in the body?

Although, at first sight, tea and coffee are liquids consisting of 99% water, their effect on the body when compared to ordinary pure water is fundamentally different. Coffee and tea contain many substances and caffeine, which accelerates water elimination from the body, i.e. daily water intake increased by regular consumption of coffee and tea. An interesting fact is that some kinds of green tea contain more caffeine than black tea and even more than coffee. In order to decide which drink is better to choose, tea, coffee or water, you should always consider which one of them is the easiest and the one which was first used by man. According to this logic water is the most ancient method of quenching thirst, in fact, the only constant for the inhabitants of any corner of our planet, the most simple and understandable for the body drink, without any additives and without containing in itself unnecessary elements. Drink life-giving water together with AquaTale, and we will deliver tested pure water for the whole family in the shortest possible time. Don’t limit yourself in natural drinking water, because it is the basis of Life.