What is alkaline water and how to “prepare” it yourself

A person’s ability to live an active life depends not least on such a parameter as internal acid-alkaline balance. However, unhealthy, heavy food and other negative influences on the body can provoke an imbalance. In order to restore it, it is recommended to drink alkaline water, which is sold in stores as mineral water.

What is alkaline water? It is a special water that seeps through layers of soil, concentrates in itself minerals and oxygen. That makes it incredibly useful for the human body. Interestingly, this water can be easily obtained at home. We will tell you about it below.

Recommendations for use and contraindications

A detailed description of how to make alkaline water is presented below, but for now let’s talk about in which cases it will be most useful. So, such water is recommended for the following ailments established by the doctor:

  • all diseases in one way or another associated with problems in metabolism;
  • Any food poisoning;
  • Ulcers and gastritis;
  • Inflammatory processes in the pancreas;
  • problems that have arisen in the work of both the biliary tract and the liver;
  • non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus;
  • and some others.

The main contraindications – such water is prohibited for use only if a person has too many alkalis in his body. Therefore, it is necessary to consult with your doctor before using it.

In particular, alkaline water is prohibited for use under the following conditions: various kidney diseases, insulin-dependent diabetes, any disorders occurring in the urinary tract.

You can buy such water in a pharmacy, as well as in any store. However, if you need to use it regularly, it can lead to substantial financial costs. Therefore, we will tell you how to make alkaline water at home.

The first method. Baking soda.

The essence of it is as follows:

  • Take one liter of clean water;
  • Pour into it half a small spoon of ordinary baking soda and exactly half a small spoon of table salt;
  • As the aftertaste may not seem the most pleasant, you can add a little sugar;
  • shake well until all the ingredients have dissolved;
  • the water is ready!

The second method. Lemon juice

Also a fairly simple method:

  • Take a two-liter jar;
  • Fill it with clean water;
  • Take one lemon of medium size and divide it into six roughly equal parts;
  • Drop the slices into the water – you don’t need to squeeze it out;
  • Close the jar with a lid;
  • After about ten hours you will have alkaline water.

Use only pure water!

As you can see, getting alkaline water at home is quite easy. The only thing to remember is that for its production you need ideally pure water. You should not take it from the tap, because it contains a lot of negative impurities.

Particular attention should be paid to water filters, performing fine cleaning. That is, to use reverse osmosis filters, which include mineralizers. Their essence is to saturate the water with beneficial minerals necessary for normal human life. It is the mineralized water that is ideal for obtaining alkaline water at home!