What temperature water is best for the body to drink?

In summer, you want cool water to refresh yourself from the heat and the scorching sun, and then you feel the coolness pouring over your body with every sip. In the winter you want to drink scalding hot tea or coffee, on which you have to blow before you take a sip, so that the steam warms your face and hands holding the cup. But in fact, the optimal water temperature lies in the golden mean and is not even significantly influenced by the ambient temperature.

The best water to drink is water that is close to body temperature or slightly warmer. Warm water has many health benefits and is exceptionally good for the body, here are some interesting facts:

  • Warm water is more quickly absorbed by the body and causes a feeling of thirst quenching.
  • The use of water similar in temperature to the body temperature has a better effect on digestion and improves blood circulation of the organs involved in the digestive processes and helps the body to better assimilate fatty and calorie-dense foods.
  • Also warm water reduces the feeling of hunger, which is difficult to overestimate for those who are trying to lose weight and get rid of extra pounds.
  • Studies have shown that slightly heated water reduces muscle cramps and pain, which will surely be useful for athletes and people who lead an active lifestyle.
  • A glass of warm water in the morning before a meal will help speed up the process of awakening the body from sleep and make up for the loss of fluid during the night.

The easiest way to drink warm water is to use a cooler, which is easy to find in our catalog, and we will deliver it along with water completely free to your home or office.

Fatal mistakes in drinking cool drinks

The most wrong example of drinking cool water and other drinks is drinking during a meal, especially if it is a fatty, caloric or carbohydrate-rich food, especially if the water is very cold, and worst of all, if there is ice still floating in it. From such a neighborhood in your meal one harm, not even one, but a whole list:

  • Cold water prevents the body from feeling full, so the feeling of satisfaction of hunger comes with a strong delay, i.e. inevitably leads to overeating.
  • Cold water impairs the digestive processes, because they depend very much on the temperature, or rather on its lower limit, which means that the food will not be digested properly.
  • Fatty foods with cold water in general is a time bomb for the human body, because fat solidifies and becomes unsuitable for digestion by the body, in this form it is more dangerous to the body ten times.
  • It is believed that cold water is a better thirst quencher, but this is not true. In many tests, people who were given lukewarm water drank much less than people who were given cold water.
  • It is also believed that cold water cools the body, but this is only partly true, because when cold water comes in, the body urgently tries to warm up and instead of just being cooled starts to produce additional heat, which is unnecessary in hot weather. Such behavior of the body leads to increased water consumption, and if you drink cold water every time, the thirst will practically never leave the person, with oversaturation of the body with water there will be increased sweating.

Therefore, we advise you to always drink water at room temperature, a little chilled or heated depending on the time of year. If you really want to drink cold water or drinks with ice, try to do it half an hour before a meal or half an hour after, so as not to interfere with digestive processes. In order you always have warm or cooled water at hand in our catalog you can choose a suitable for you table or floor water cooler with water heating and cooling functions. With our urgent free delivery the wait will be minimal and the water is guaranteed to be clean and healthy for your health.